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All Trails lead to Blackbutt Sculpture Award - 2015

 Saturday 12th September 2015

 The Bloomin’ Beautiful Blackbutt Festival is a promotional venture of BloominBeautiful Blackbutt Festival Inc that focuses on and highlights the agricultural and historical assets of our community to provide infrastructure and other benefits for the communities of Blackbutt and Benarkin. The Bloomin’ Beautiful Blackbutt Festival is held annually over the second week and weekend in September.

 The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail passes through Blackbutt. Artwork installations and historical displays along the trail will encourage participants to celebrate the environment, our heritage and future aspirations whilst taking in the breathtaking scenery and enjoying a beautiful walk along the former railway line.

 The event annually attracts between 2000 and 4000 participants who enjoy free interactive activities, music, the Blackbutt environment and now - sculptural installations around a set theme.

The Bloomin’ Beautiful Blackbutt Festival committee invites artiststo create sculptural works based on the theme All Trails lead to Blackbutt’.

 Artists may choose to incorporate topics which surround this historic section of trail from Linville in the South to Nukku in the West.

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